Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Vendor's Stats Module

This script is to be an add-on to my 1 Prim vendor. Drop it and its support scripts into one of my vendors and it keeps a list of the customers. One can click a control to have the info dumped to chat or include an email address in a note card and have the stats email to you daily, weekly or monthly. Great idea, IMO.


The advantage over using the LL provided transaction history is that sales info is seperated by vending machine. Give each vendor a unique name and sales tracking by location and machine is easy.


For a month I have been trying to get the email part working. The stupid thing just does not send... grrr!


Today it starts working... yippeee! All I had to do was delete the test vendor in world and re-rez it. So, it seems it is more SL than my code… and I’m sticking to that story. Now if it will just continue to work I can take out all the debugging stuff and put it on the market.

See my stuff here: Mono 1 Prim Vending Machine

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