Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Myst Online - Uru

I came to Second Life when GameTap closed Myst Online: Uru Live (MO:UL). Since then the developers of Uru Live, a neat adventure MMO game, have mode it open source and turned it over to the fans. Well… the licensing is still in process and we have yet to see any computer code. But, that is supposed to happen this spring (we think 2009). So, with any luck the original MO:UL as seen on GameTap in 2007 will be coming to a server near you.

 When GameTap gave up producing MO:UL many of us moved to Second Life and THERE. A good portion of us in SL call ourselves D'ni Refugees (D'ni is the name of the civilization that build the world the game takes place in). We even have an SL Group by that name. Others are playing EVE, WoW, Guild Wars and other games. Those in THERE and SL are building parts of the game in their respective worlds. I am exploring getting actual parts of the Uru world into SL or a similar virtual world. Maybe the open source licensing will allow that, maybe not.

 There are several forums that fans hang out on. Every so often some fan wonders through with the idea they can get some venture capital for the game. Some see venture capitalists like Santa Clause, I guess. I don't. I know they want a return on their money. If the risk is significant then the possible return must also be significant. Otherwise why make the bet?

 I've been looking for ways to improve the prospects of a return on investment, which means make the game more desirable to players. Of course the fans have to decide that any changes are a good idea. There is lots of discussion on those ideas in the fan forums. It is too early to know what will be possible and decide anything. Questions about the women getting better hair in Myst Online are dear to my heart and some others.

 SL and IBM are trying to create an Internet protocol for virtual worlds that will let AV's and their stuff travel from virtual world to virtual world. Being part of that experiment does not seem to interest many in the Myst/Uru fandom. I am hoping to find others that think moving the Uru world to new media is a good idea. So… if you see any Uruites that want to modernize the game, send them my way.

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