Monday, March 16, 2009

This is my first blog... web sites, MySpace and forums yes... never did a blog until now...

I post on several Myst/Uru forums. I run a fan web site, Guild of Cartographers Technical Data web site (Uru Maps). It was created when we were figuring out how to map Uru.

I regularly check the Guild of Maintainers forum and post in a section of the Forum for Uru Explorers in SL. I have some Tutorials there. SL Tutorial Begining LSL Programming This starts out at the very beginning for a never programmed type.

Now I'm working toward being a builder and making a fortune in SL, you do know that is Second Life? Right? 

For now I'm making a new vending machine for use in SL. I have the beta model for sale on XStreetSL. It is novel because it has lots of working buttons but is made from just one prim (if your in SL you know what I mean, otherwise just know it is a big deal). You can find them here: SL Vending Machines.

I hang out in the Land of NoR in SL. You will often find me in Remembrance or the Rage Bar. This a fun shoot 'em up and Dark RP. I am part of the Fire of Blood Clan... I think it gets its name from the Italians that formed the clan... well... may be not. There are some hunks in the family... no blood relation so don't go kinky on me.

Eventually I'll figure out what I want to do with this blog... for now it is a blog for the sake of blogging...

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