Saturday, March 21, 2009

Vending Machine Stats – Second Life - Blog

Stats are working far better now. Emails seem to be fixed and arrive on a regular basis. With that working I can start removing the debug code and move on to testing the chat reporting features.

The stats now will print the number of times the vendor has been clicked, the number information cards given the product name the given card is about, the number of sales and what was sold and the customer name. That is three separate reports; clicks, sales and Customer Names. When one is at the vendor using the back control panel the reports print separately. One can also list the top and worst selling items. When information is emailed they are all combined and there is no choice to sort for worst selling. But the items sold have a count of the numbers sold. For now an item that does not sell is not included in the report.

See the Mono 1 Prim Vending Machine in my store or on XStreetSL.

Vending Machine Controls

LM: SLURL – Mono 1 Prim Vending Machine

XS: Mono 1 Prim Vendor - Beta

After the stats, the next step is completing the 'server based' vending machine.

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